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specialized guarding services

Skyclaws provides guarding services, based on our customer’s security requirements, we identify the needs and assess the risks involved.

  • Reception Services
  • Entry & Exit Control
  • Access Control Systems
  • CCTV Monitoring
  • Visitor Management
  • Parking Management
  • Material Movements
  • Patrols to ensure smooth operations like security systems, smoke detector, heat detector , fire extinguishers, placement of extinguishers
  • Reporting of faults and on-call property maintenance
  • Survey by security specialists to identify needs for optimum security deployment
  • Security scan and risk analysis
  • Crisis manuals and site/ post specific standard operating procedures
  • SOP & standard procedure
  • DO’s & Don’ts
escort guarding services

Skyclaws Security specially designed training programs for escort guards and developed processes, which ensure safety of employees in transport management. Our trained and vigilant security staffs are skilled in providing:

  • Detailed log for each of the escort trips and data analysis
  • Door to door escort services for all female employees
  • Seamless allocation of vehicles for different routes for employees and guiding them to a designated vehicle
executive protection services

Skyclaws security professionals are trained to protect eminent sports personalities, industrialists, high profile individuals, celebrities, or any individual exposed to threat. Security professionals provided for executive protection are mostly erstwhile NSG, defense and police personnel.

  • Skyclaws trained staffs in martial arts and close combats
  • Celebrity securities require different skill sets and are specially trained to provide executive protection
  • Training focus is to anticipate and be proactive rather than reactive
  • The skills required are vigilance, sixth sense, body language, proactive approach, calmness, presence of mind
  • Specialized training to handle all kind of threat perceptions & intelligence gathering
  • Security professionals mostly retired NSG, defense and police personnel
Risk management services

Skyclaws Security consider risk mitigation, business continuity, profitability and brand reputation, ensuring security practices are in line with our client’s day to day operations.

We assist to formulate and upgrade security plans, which include:

  • Standard operating procedures
  • Crisis management
  • Emergency response
  • Business continuity plans
  • Independent security audits of facilities
  • Efficient assessments and recommendations
corporate security services

Skyclaws Security fully appreciate the importance of promoting a professional image for your company and our Corporate Security services provide a professional, flexible and highly reliable, cost effective service that is tailored to meet your needs. Corporate Security covers a variety of services to the Corporate business world, including manned security guards, reception duties in office blocks as well as retail security, gatehouse and access management and personal executive and close protection security. Skyclaws Security take pride in our Corporate Security service and all our Corporate Security Officers are immaculately presented in uniform so as to represent a professional image for your company. Our Corporate Security Officers are selected on the basis of their experience, disposition and competence and have passed our meticulously high vetting process to ensure they meet our demanding standards and those of our customers.

Using our Corporate Security services will bring many benefits to your business. Skyclaws Security provides Corporate Security covering a range of needs including out of hours office and reception cover. All our Corporate Security Officers are highly trained in Corporate Security and surveillance as well as being fully up-to-date with Health and Safety legislation and fire safety procedures. If you are looking for a Corporate Security service that brings you flexibility, we can provide a Corporate Security Officer at short notice covering anything from one hour to a long-term contract. You may need sickness or holiday cover or your usual security provider may have let you down. Skyclaws Security can cover your Corporate Security at short notice, night or day. Skyclaws Security know the importance of maintaining your corporate image and we ensure all our Corporate Security are smartly dressed in uniform and chosen for their courteous manner and excellent communication skills as well as their adaptability and flexible approach to their duties.

Every company has a vested interested in the property it owns and the safety of its clients and personnel, Skyclaws Security are here to provide a helping hand by supplying a Corporate Security solution uniquely tailored to meet your needs.

Skyclaws Security provides a Corporate Security service based on a genuine understanding of your business needs. By developing a close working relationship with our client’s facilities management and property managers, we design a Corporate Security service based on professional risk assessment and solutions that work for you in the way you want them to.

Corporate Security is the backbone to a successful business. Skyclaws Security can provide that added support. With many years of experience in delivering Corporate Security to clients, we bring a wealth of knowledge to provide a variety of solutions for your business. Why not give us a call today and find out how Skyclaws Security can work with you to resolve your Corporate Security problems and bring you peace of mind.



Office Security is a vital part of Commercial Security due to the increasingly high value of office equipment including computers and software as well as the vital aspect of private information. Whatever facets of Commercial Security you are looking for, Skyclaws Security have the expertise and trained security officers that are professionally experienced in providing a Commercial Security service that meets your needs. From manning receptions, night patrol to checking your office out-of-hours as well as access and security equipment control or CCTV monitoring, Skyclaws Security provides a Commercial Security service that fully integrates with your working day and your electronic systems to provide the maximum protection for your employees and assets.

Industrial and Warehouse Security is specifically designed to provide security for industrial equipment and warehouse security to guard against theft and vandalism. Effective Commercial Security for building sites and warehouses can include anything from security system installation to hiring a Commercial Security Officer to watch over the premises, including security officer and guard dog patrol. Skyclaws Security provide specially trained Security Officers who are extensively skilled in Commercial Security to provide a flexible, fully customized Commercial Security service that is specifically designed to the specific requirements of your facility. Retail Security and Store Detectives are the most effective way to protect your stock, customers, staff and investments. Skyclaws Security Services provide a Commercial Security Service that meets the needs of retailers covering both in and out-of-hours security. Providing a highly visible, front of house deterrent, Skyclaws Commercial Security Services aim to identify the risks to your business and balance essential security combined with the optimum level of customer care and staff protection.

When it comes to Commercial Security, all our Security Officers are selected for their ability, professional demeanor, flexible approach and attitude. Skyclaws Security are proud of our loyal clientele who represent the finest Commercial establishments, financial institutions, shopping centers, world-class manufacturers, communities and universities.

Whether you are a sole proprietor of a small business or a large Commercial corporation, your Commercial Security concerns are likely to be shared ones. Skyclaws Security work with you to recognize your needs and customize the right Commercial Security solution for you. By combining creative thinking and superior products with highly trained Security Officers, Skyclaws Security put the power of Commercial Security in your hands. Why not call us today and see how we can make Commercial Security work for you.



Skyclaws Security Services supplies Event Security for special events, concerts, private parties, charity events, business and red-carpet events and black-tie affairs. Our Event Security service has provided sophisticated security operations for a number of well known arenas, concert tours, high-level red carpet events, casinos, sporting events wedding function and political gatherings.

Our experience in Event Security enables us to plan and implement every aspect of the event security operation. Skyclaws Security work closely with you to ensure you receive the service you want and that your event goes to plan, regardless of size, type or location.
Skyclaws Security can provide pre-event risk assessments, operational plans and assessment reports that are agreed with our client, local authorities and emergency services. Our highly experienced Event Security Operations Manager oversees the event security to make sure everything is executed and controlled effectively whilst upholding safety and continued enjoyment for those attending.
Skyclaws Security ensures that every Event Security Guard employed by us are highly trained Event Security Guards are chosen for their disposition to deal with the varied tasks that often arise during an event.

Skyclaws Security Services expertise in Event Security has made us one of the finest in the industry. Our Event Security can take care of all Site Security including:

  • Perimeter Security
  • Backstage Security
  • Control of VIP Areas
  • Logistics Guarding
  • Crowd Management
  • Stewarding
  • Health and Safety issue
SECURITY audits & assessment
Skyclaws Security takes care of physical security audit and assessment which plays an extremely significant factor in protecting the assets and the employees of an organization. It is exceptionally difficult to oversee an organization’s security without exposing it to a very high risk without a proper arrangement of physical security audit and assessment. Skyclaws Security takes care of many issues that should be considered in the physical security assessment agenda. We consider every issue with their sub-issues with all the critical points in the workplace.
  • Management approach
  •  Physical Security approach
  • Risk Audit
  • Access Control
  • Staff Security
  • Data Security
  • Emergency Response
  • Rapid Reaction
  • Technology Considerations